Saturday, February 19, 2011

Oh, it's Valentine's Day again?

Hello girls - and not-girl-guestblogger Matt, apparently it's Saturday again (actually, it's already Sunday for me, but as long as Blogger says it's Saturday it's fine, right?).

So the theme is Valentine's day... I don't really have much to say about Valentine's day. Here in Europe it's not a big deal, there are some hearts in the shops and Google has a different logo and that's it. Nobody gives cards, or chocolates, or flowers, or whatever.
For me it's just one of those commercial 'holidays' that came to us from US and which probably mean something there, but here nobody cares about it. It's like Halloween. It's just an excuse for shops to sell overpriced stuff and try to make some sort of event out of it to earn more money.

I personally also don't see any purpose in a 'day for lovers'. I mean, shouldn't show your partner all the time that you love him and not just on February 14th? I can send cards or chocolate or presents 365 days, whenever I want, I don't need shops to tell me to.

Let me tell you how I spend my Valentine's day. In the last two years I always managed to spend Valentine's day with my boyfriend, which is nice even when we don't care about it. Seeing hearts and love and couples everywhere would make me kind of depressive...
Anyway, we were in Oslo. We slept long in our room without heating which we payed a fortune for because Oslo is damn expensive (just the floorheating in the bathroom was working so I sat there to warm up). Then we decided to go sightseeing in Oslo, because hey, it's Oslo and we should see it (we were there to travel to skijumping). Then two problems arose: (1) we are not great sightsee-ers, it's more a "That looks famous, let's take a picture with it" thing and (2) it was over -15°C (which is 5°F, if you want to believe the calculator) and windy. Then we got lost in Oslo and walked around a lot. Then we went back to the hotel. Then we went to the airport. Then we had troubles with packing because Ryanair only allows 15kg of luggage (we had each 16kg on the way to Norway so we knew we had to take something out) and one piece of hand luggage with 10kg, which is not easy with laptop and big camera. Then we were not even checked. Then we flew back to Poland. Then we watched "Something About Mary". Then we ended Valentine's day.
True story.

Katie, I'll read you tomorrow!


P.S. I decided to give this a more Valentine-sy touch.

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