Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sarah has little time (again)

Hey girls, it's Saturday!

I'm in Germany now, going to Poland on Monday and then to Norway on Thursday. And back to Austria on Friday 18th. Busy busy, but I love travelling (I would even love it more if somebody would pay for all my trips).

So the theme is desserts... I love desserts. Tenley's recipe for ice cream sounds really good, and I will also definitely try Katie's brownies and Haley's milkshakes!

What I really like is:
- Ice cream (always and forever, no matter how much I ate - ice cream is a must)
- Cake
- Tiramisu
- something my mother makes from time to time called Pineapple Tiramisu - it's basically a lot of cream, mascarpone and pineapple piece and it's YUMMY

I would share my famous straciatella cake recipe with you, but it's at home and I'm not, but if you want I can post it when I'm home.

Take care,

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