Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This Be The Verse one of my favorite poems. go read it.
Hey Girls, I just realized... tomorrow is going to be hell... so I'm just going to post survey results and go to bed... sorry...

OH- I DO WANT TO SAY ONE THING. There's a lot going on in the world right now, as I bet you know... pay attention. Just saying, things are big.

So, my survey. I decided to go on a website called and find the top 24 places where I should live... here are my results:
1. Portland, Oregon (as of now Reed is my first choice school)
2. Hartford, Connecticut
3. Worchester, Massachusetts
4. Providence, Rhode Island
5. New Haven, Connecticut (... sketchy)
6. Boston, Massachusetts
...too tired to name states or give numbers...
Little Rock (No. Not a southern person... just not my type)
Eugene, Orogon (only if it's a city... I suspect it's not)
Milwaukee (Probably not...)
Medford, Oregon (See annotation on Eugene)
Charleston (see Little Rock)
Salem, Oregon (sounds like a small capital)
Corvallis, Oregon (how close to Portland?)
Danbury, Connecticut (See Eugene)
Fredrick, Maryland (See Eugene)
Bend, Oregon (Eugene)
Washington DC
Honolulu (... Maybe, I can't see it)
Baton Rouge (SOUTH. NO THANKS)
Carlise, Pennsylvania (Eugene)
Seattle (sure. okay.)

Full disclosure, I've taken this before... while DC, Seattle, Providence, and Boston always make the list with Portland being at the top, this is not my usual result.

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Quote: "timeless desperation, pictures on a screen scream
'hey people, what does it mean?'"

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  1. I would like to assure you that Eugene is a city (as are the others in Oregon) :). Oregon isn't all that great though. Pretty boring.
    - Haley