Sunday, February 20, 2011

Awkward Katie is Awkward

But we all knew that anyways!
 Hey girls, it's Sunday!
 Super quick recap of my week. I had about three real days of school because of a long weekend and a field trip to the LIBRARY! Tuesday is my 16th birthday and today I had a super awesome party where we watched movies and stuff and I was awkward. ANYWAYZ
This weeks theme is SURVEYS.
I'm going to answer some questions (starting with question 154) from this Career decision survey I got in the mail this week. I highlighted a few... for fu

Instructions: for each activity and indicate how interested you are in each activity listed. give the first answer that comes to mind. Choose either Strongly Like, Like, Indifferent, Dislike, or Strongly dislike.

154. Making a Speech: Like
155: Doing Research Work: Like
156. Writing Reports: like
157. Discussing Politics: Dislike
158. Having a Sprained Ankle: Strongly Dislike  (What kind of a question is that???)
159. Heading a civic improvement program: indifferent
160: Raising Flowers and Vegetables: Like
161: Interviewing Job Applicants: Like
162. Teaching Children: Like
163: Teaching Adults: indifferent
164: Meeting and Directing People: indifferent
165: Making Statistical Charts:  like
166: Giving First aid assistance: indifferent
167: Interviewing prospective customers: like
168: Drilling Soldiers: dislike
169: Watching an open-heart-operation: like. (cool, but gross Watch It Yourself!!!)
170. Repairing Electronic Equipment: like
171: Helping others overcome their difficulties: like
172: bargaining: dislike
173: Buying Merchandise for a store: like
174: Displaying merchandise in a store: strongly like
175: taking care of children: like
176: competitive sports: dislike
177. Participating in Arguments: dislike
178: Contributing to Charities: indifferent
179: Expressing Judgement publically, regardless of what other people say: Indifferent
180: Rescuing Climbers on a mountain: well... saving people is good... but i'm not a fan of heights
181: Landscaping: like
182: Investing money in the stock market: dislike
183: constructing a website: strongly like
184: analyzing changes in an organization: indifferent
185: using computer aided design software; strongly like
186: working for yourself in a small business: indifferent
187. raising livestock; dislike
188: persuading a jury: dislike
189: Leading other people: like
190: instructing people about a new method: like
191: doing work outside: indifferent
192: Being in charge of others: like
193: using math to solve problems: like
194: providing tech support: strongly like
195: networking computer systems: indifferent
196: learning about cultural differences: like
197: installing computer software: indifferent
198: crisis counseling for distressed indivisuals: like
199: training new employees: like
200: providing spiritual counseling: dislike

Happy Sunday!!

HADLEY! I'll read ya tomorrow! <3
less than three,
Katie Z

Listening to: I Get Around - Dragonnette
Watching: Secret Diary of a Call Girl
Last thing ate: chocolate from friend as birthday gift
Best birthday gift: A FEZ
Thinking about: my awkwardness
Quote: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE!' "YOU TOO!! .... wait.... nevermind"

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  1. Katie, I can so see you drilling soldiers. XD FEZ!!!