Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"haha"- Robby Brothers

Hey girls, it's wednesday... in accordance with the theme, well, here:

Greetings humans and various extraterestrial intelegences stealing our internet. This is Robby Brothers and as you probably know, I’m Emily’s boyfriend. I have never written a blog in my life, unless you count the one I wrote for Katie a couple of years ago, which was pretty much nothing more than a pathetic attempt at writing something in code. As is such, writing blogs is among the list of things that I know almost nothing about, which makes this a little bit weird.
Now in the words of a chemistry teacher of mine, let’s talk about something completely different.
I’ve decided I’m, going to talk about something I know a lot about.
And by sports I mean scifi.
Scifi is something that I hold very nearly and dearly to my heart (as is obvious by the carefully organized stacks of Star Trek VHS in my closet) and is the main reason that I have the friends that I have today. The reason why is best explained in Doctor Who.
Since scifi is such a general category, the only criteria really being that it take place in the future or with futuristic ideas, it can really contain almost every single other genre in the known universe (and the unknown for that mater). Doctor Who has been able to use this over the past 47 years three months and 18 days. In that time they’ve been able to create horror shows, drama, suspense, action, and some freaking awesome comedy.
This universal appeal should be, well universally liked, but for some reason it isn’t, which kind of confuses me.
This is the place were there was supposed to be some big motivational or inspiring ending, but I kind of forgot it in the process of writing this. This is why I don’t blog.
Just be thankful I didn’t do my shpeal on quantum mechanics.

So, that's that. 
WHAT I'M WATCHING: Over our snow days I went on a british movie tangent... since then I have seen Green Hornet, which was bad
WHAT I'M LISTENING TO: Bo Burnham and Arcade Fire and Radio Head

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