Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Too early for titles

Hi! You know what I love except not really? When my little sister calls me in the middle of the night saying I forgot to guest blog for her. Fun times. No joke, it's 5:30 in the morning. Tenley is insane. But here I am, against my will, blogging. On a cheerier note, let's talk about briefly about me and then move quickly to embarrassing Tenley. Sound good?

I'm Kristina, I'm 20 years old and a Junior at Western Michigan University majoring in communications with a minor in fashion. Which is a fancy way of saying I love to talk and shop. Because of my love for talking I could go on for hours about me but let's not and say we did. Instead let's embarrass Tenley and quickly so I can go back to sleep.

1. She has tendency to talk in her sleep. I know this because we shared a room for fourteen years. Usually she'd just be saying pointless stuff but one time I caught her saying "no please Mr. Carrot don't..." and then she trailed off. I of course questioned her in the morning but she didn't remember or is hiding the answer from me.

2. Back in high school I once saw her talking to the guy she had a crush on for most of high school and then she turned to leave and proceeded to trip... not once, not twice, but three times. There wasn't even anything there to trip her she's just really clumsy.
       ~ On that note, I've also seen her sitting on the floor with her old choir ensemble and then try to get up and just fall over because as she explained later, "her foot was asleep".

3. This one isn't really embarrassing and for that I apologize, but it's one of my favorite quotes by Tenley ever. The two of us were watching a fashion show on t.v. and this model came down the runway in this hideous dress. So of course I start saying everything wrong with it: "if you forget about the fact that is has weird ruffles and a weird shawl thing and..." so on. Tenley waits till I'm done with this (long) list and then adds, "if you forget about the fact that it's disgusting it's not that bad." And that, is why I think Tenley is so awesome, because she says shit like that.

Well, I'm going back to sleep now. Hopefully this was significantly embarrassing for you.  

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