Friday, January 21, 2011


Hey Girls! It's Friday!

So I just had a mini heart attack because I couldn't get my internet to work and I not sure if I was going to be able to get this blog up in time. Also tonight I went to Bingo night at my country club and my brother won the final prize which was a giant bag of m&ms. It was really exciting because at the beginning of the night he was loosing really badly and he was crying which was sad. But then in the last game we played last to fill and we ended up with 8 kids winning that so we had a play off of bingo to see who got the m&ms. Luke was the first one to get a T on his board so he one them. Now we all get m&ms because he isn't allowed to eat them all by himself. After all he is only 7 and all that sugar can't be good for the kid. I blogged about the Bingo in general so if you want to watch that you can see my youtube channel alwaysthepurplest. It will probably be up by tomorrow. Oh and my sister is having a sleepover outside my room and it is really annoying. And I can't watch Buffy because she is using Netflix.

Now on to the theme.

I don't really have that many expectations for 2011.
Other than the typical expectations of any 15 year old about to be 16 year old in the US.
I know that I'm going to get my permit in the next couple of days and then I'm going to get my license in about October even though my birthday is in August. This is because in Illinois you have to wait 9 months after you get your permit or until your 16th birthday, whichever is longer. For me the 9 months is longer. I also expect to visit Fort Wayne like crazy over the summer and become a Junior in the Fall. I also expect for Emily and Katie to continue to yell at me for being too pretty even though it's not true because they are just a beautiful if not more than me. And I expect to watch a LOT of Dr. Who.

I would like to raise $1500 for the American Cancer Society through Relay for Life. I would also like to go on some college visits this summer and possibly on spring break. Maybe some other stuff. I would really like a boyfriend.

Sarah I'll read you tomorrow.


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