Sunday, January 23, 2011

Katie Dances to Music

Hi!!! So last week was super busy for me even though we had no school on Monday. I was in a play called "The Silver Whistle" (you wouldn't have heard of it, I've had doubts about it's previous existence) and apparently I "stole the show" and was "super awesome" and "completely unrecognizable"...? I mean, I've acted before (I've been an old person in plays for the last three years), but I was never good or anything. So... yay? I think the title of the play should have been "SEE!!! Katie CAN Act!!" ... it would have made more sense than the actual title anyways. So yeah, I play practice a lot and we had performances on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
For French class we had to write a composition about our life twenty years from now and I said that I'll be a famous doctor/ photographer living in Boston with my husband (who plays the Doctor) and 3 children who I named Thaddeus, David, and Rose. I'm pretty darn excited about my future now.
Since there isn't a theme yet I declare it to be SHARE THY MUSIC WEEK! We're going to share our favorite songs and artists with each other. I will share with you 10 Bands/Artists/Songs in no particular order.

1. Dragonette. I just found them today when I was searching itunes' top 40 in France. I'm a big fan of them now. They're a Canadian "electropop" group and they're super cool. (the fact that their Canadian makes them cool) My favorite songs by them right now are "Hello" and "I Get Around"

2. Barry Mannilow. I must confess, I only listen to one of his songs and it's because of watching Hellboy 2 in SciFi club. I highly recommend watching that movie. I CAN'T SMILE WITHOUT YOU is one of my favorite songs EVAR. It's basically me singing to fictional characters who have died.

3. Edith Piaff. She's pretty darn amazing. She's an old french singer, but if you've seen Inception, you've heard one of her most famous songs. My favorite by her is Je Ne Regrette Rien (which was in Inception). But really, all of her songs are amazing. There's a movie about her called "La Vie En Rose" that I will watch eventually, but I haven't yet, because it's super sad and I couldn't get through it by myself. (I also recommend Jacques Brel)

4. Ben Folds. If you don't know Ben Folds, we have a problem. My favorite by him is probly Gone

5. Julia Nunes. I Heart Her. I think she's my favorite artist (besides maybe Chameleon Circuit) featured on DFTBA. My favorites of hers are "I Think You Know" and  "Short and Sweet"

6. CAKE! Cake is basically amazing. I love Cake. I think one of the best things ever is to be eating Cake while listening to Cake. My favorites are "Sheep Go to Heaven" and their cover of "I will Survive"

7. The Killers. They're pretty cool, at one point last year my older brother and I listened to one of their albums over and over again in the car for about a month. I know that album pretty well. There are too many amazing songs, but two good ones are "Why Do I Keep Counting?" and "Sam's Town"

8.  Andrew Lloyd Webber. He writes brilliant musicals such as "The Phantom of the Opera" and "Evita". My favorite song from Phantom is "Music of The Night"

9. Metric. Another super awesome Canadian band. Some of their songs were in Scott Pilgrim (best movie of 2010). Favorite song by them is "Black Sheep" (this is actually the clip from scott pilgrim)

10. DISNEY!!!!! Must I say more? "I'll Make a Man Out of You"  and "Part of Your World"  (the last one is sung by Darren Criss <3)

C'est fini! Aurevoir mes amis!

Katie Z

Listening to: (see above)
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Reading: Ursula LeGuin
Eating: Leftover brownies
Drinking: milk
Quote: "wait... you thought I was evil because I took a group of girls camping and didn't touch them?" -Giles

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