Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hunting for internet and a lot music

Hey girls, can you believe it’s already Saturday again? Time is passing by so fast lately, it’s almost February! 1/12 of 2011 is already over! Crazy!
On Tuesday I had my last exam until July, I can’t really realize it so far. I guess I will be so bored most of the time, I will need some new projects to work on. I’ve thought about starting a Nerdfighter meeting website (that sounds crappy), which would be something like all those pen pal websites: you fill out a profile, write what you are looking for (Nerdfighterlike, pen pals, email pals, whatever) and a little bit about yourself and then other Nerdfighters can contact you. I’m not a big fan of the Ning, because I think it’s too messy and too general, so I think something like my idea would be nice. At least I would use it. What do you think about it?

I’m now in a hotel in Germany, because I’m at the ski jumping, and the internet sucks here, I can’t even open Facebook and also not our blog. And I’m sitting in the lobby, because in the room it doesn’t work at all. Great, really. I’m writing this in Word now, I hope I can post it later or latest tomorrow.

So, music. I listen to music all the time. My iPod touch is my best friend and I never leave the house without him (his name is Achilles and he even has his own email address: - in case you ever want to talk to my iPod :D)

Sorry that I can’t give you any Youtube links, but it’s just not possible with this internet.
Let’s check my iTunes…

- Kevin Rudolf – especially “Let It Rock”
- Rise Against – especially “Drones”
- The 69 Eyes – a Finnish band, I especially like “Next Stop Paradise”
- Agnes – a Swedish singer, her most famous song was “Release Me”, but also her other stuff is really great
- Røyksopp – a Norwegian band, my favorite song of them is “The Girl and the Robot”
- Sunrise Avenue – I don’t know if they are also known in the US, they are Finnish. I like “Fairytale Gone Bad”, “Wonderland”, “Bad” and “The Whole Story”
- Apocalyptica – again Finnish, they are playing something like modern cello music, it’s hard to describe, but you should listen to “Ruska”, “Farewell” and “Bittersweet”
- Eddplant – I love his music, I even bought his CD Confidence Tricks and I can only recommend it, because it’s really great
- Alan Lastufka/Luke Conard – I bought Erase This and it’s one of the best albums I know
- Little Boots – she had one hit (“Remedy”), but her album Hand is so good
- Jon Lajoie – okay, he is totally sick and the songs are stupid, but they are just so catchy
- 3OH!3 – I downloaded their album lately and I really like it, especially “We Are Young”
- The Baseballs – they play normal music on Rock ‘n Roll style, it’s really cool, check “Umbrella” or “Let’s Get Loud”

Other random songs I love:

- Weezer ft. Lil Wayne: “Can’t Stop Partying”
- The Cure: “A Letter To Elise”
- Pet Shop Boys: “Love etc”
- David Guetta: “Stay”
- Oasis: “The Masterplan”
- Gym Class Heroes ft. Fallout Boy: “Cupid’s Chokehold”
- Bunny Lake: “Swallow The Darkess” (they’re Austrian)
- Mando Diao: “Down In The Past” (Swedish)
- Lavive: “No Sleep” (German)

Okay that’s been already a lot and I could continue, I have 3390 songs in my iTunes and there is a lot I could recommend (as well as a lot of shit), but I think I better stop now.
Oh, but I have to add some soundtracks, I listen a lot to soundtracks and I can recommend:

- Lord of the Rings
- Harry Potter
- Twilight (not a fan of the movies or books, but the soundtracks are great)
- Alice in Wonderland (it’s called Almost Alice and it’s not really a soundtrack, but a compilation of songs about Alice)
- Corpse Bride (OMG I love it so much!!!)
- pretty much all Disney songs
- Grey’s Anatomy and Scrubs
- A Series of Unfortunate Events
- Pirates of the Caribbean
- Les Choristes (French – check “Vois Sur Ton Chemin”, you will probably recognize it from Christina Aguilera’s song “Mother”, she stole it)
- Shrek

Okay, now I really stop.


DFTBA, girls.


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