Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Christmas tree spins round and round and round...

i'm watching the christmas invasion with my brother right now and it was the part where the christmas tree was spinning and trying to kill everyone... yeah. so i just got back from my friend's birthday party which was fun. EMILY HAS SOMETHING TO TELL YOU ON HER DAY.yeah...
so this week's theme is 'what you expect from 2011". i expect to turn 16, i expect to become a junior, i expect to go to summer camp at brown, i expect to see my cousin get married, i expect to worry about colleges more, i expect to start applying for a thing in france, i expect to FINALLY QUIT JAPANESE!, i expect to see the final installment of harry potter, i expect to take my first AP classes (math, chem, physics, euro), and i expect to start watching doctor who again!
I will now say what might happen in 2011. i might start dating a half-chinese freshman soon, i might get all A's *fingers crossed*, i might actually get an award at the end of the school year, i might quit bowling, i might do well in speech, i might go to harry potter land, i might not die in a car crash and i might get my driver's license, i might stop david tennant's wedding (jk... maybe).
So yeah... I blogged! Also, since Jasmine hasn't blogged in four months, should someone try to contact her and?or find a replacement? yeah?
less than three,
katie z

watching: Doctor who
reading: gifts
listenting to: je ne regrette rien
Gary: i may have lost, but i get 2000 sexy points.
joanna: yes... but you lost half of them
Gary; WHY
joanna; because you quit half way through!!
Gary: BUT I TRANSFORMED INTO A GIRL HALFWAY THROUGH! that has to count for something,...


  1. What's an euro class?

    I sent Jasmine a message on AIM, let's see if she replies...

  2. We could all team up and crash David Tennant's wedding together, and then we could have battle between ourselves to see who would actually end up with him.

    Naturally this plan is very doable.