Sunday, January 9, 2011

Back to Blogging

Hiya girls, It's Sunday! Well, for those who have been reading the Facebook messages, we're getting back on track with the blogging thing! We're going to have preselected themes so it will be easier to write and there shall be punishments for a lack of blogging! I don't think we're going to count this past fall where no one blogged though, that'd be too difficult to punish people for...
Okay! This week's theme is the Holidays!
I've already written about what I got for Christmas and what Christmas means to me, but there is one Holiday topic I have not covered yet and that is the most depressing day of the year...
Yes, I know that it must happen eventually, but it's really sad when it does happen. You have to take all the pretty ornaments off the tree, throw the tree in the woods, vacuum the pine-y stuff, put the villages in the boxes, super glue broken village pieces, take off the stockings, put away the carolers, taken down the awesome pictures of your older brother sitting on santa's lap, throw away the advent calander you never finished, put all of your pet's christmas themed toys away for next year... Really, it's all a bit depressing. Christmas is all about joy, family, friends, and love and when you have to take all of the stuff that represents the season... it's really sad. I think I cried when they took away the tree. My cat was upset too because she really enjoyed climbing that tree.
On the subject of sad things I would like to mention that my life is now pointless... David Tennant is engaged. NO! Okay, okay, I'm just kidding. I'm happy for him. He's engaged to Georgia Moffet, who is the actress that played Jenny in the Doctor's Daugter and Lady Viviane in Merlin. Congrats, but David, if it doesn't work out, I think I'm gonna be available for a while *wink*.
Jasmine I will read you tomorrow!
Less than Three,
Katie Z

Watching: Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 7!!!!!!!!!!!
Eating: Mac and Cheese o_O
Quote: "I thought you were going to have me tortured and killed, but instead you went all Dumbledore on me!" -Willow
Playing: Pokemon Red
Hoping: for life to be simpler


  1. I know, its so sad when you have to take down the tree. Its like the end of an era... until the next year that is.

    Also, yeah, its pretty sad that he's engaged now. Kind of, personally as far as which Doctor I'd like to marry I prefer Matt Smith. I like David Tennant as an actor and he's hot, but not as hot as Matt Smith. So, Georgia Moffet, you may have him. I know you were waiting for my premission, so here it is. You have my premission.

  2. HAHAHAHAHA, I LAUGH AT YOUR PAIN! 'Cept for with the picture of Scotty...

    Also, Tenley, I totally agree as far as my preferred doctor, I mean they're all amazing, but Matt is so adorable.

  3. Taking down the Christmas decorations is always a sad affair. :(

  4. "throw away the advent calander you never finished" - story of my life.

    My mother always takes down all the Christmas decoration and puts away the tree, so usually I don't even see the tree going. Being going. You know what I mean.