Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Emily Loves Alternative

Hey girls, it's thursday now, but my life is busy...
I had 4 hours of debate practice tonight which actually turned into a lot of funny video watching and cuddling... not a joke. I love the canterbury LD debate team. Also, I have to learn a new type of debate for this weekend. Shit. Also I have an AP US quiz tomorrow, a newspaper article due friday (talking to teacher about extention) and you know how I said I had to learn a new form of debate? I'm learning policy. I assume you don't know the types of high school debate, so let me explain:
What I usually do. We discuss bills. I'm pretty good
-LD (Lincoln-Douglas)
What I just learned how to do. Consensus of the other people on the team? I'm going to be good at it.
What I have to learned how to o. No one on the team does it, but we need a policy team at districts hence... Oh, yeah did you hear that? Districts. Life is shit.

So music. Definitely my thing. But I have shit to do so this is going to be quick. In no particular order:
CAKE: (I'm going to be honest, I haven't had time to read other blogs... katie might have mentioned them) Amazing. Strong base line. YAY. Right now I'm stuck on comfort eagle, symphony in C, and Love you madly... that said they have tons of excellent stuff and my fav. changes daily
Radiohead: My favorite band. AH. Amazing. Can't use words.
Nirvana- astounding. amazing. i love them. <3 Kurt Cobain
Arcade Fire: Woah. Neon Bible is playing now. It's fantastic. everything is fantastic. yes.
Spring Awakening: Not a band, but a show. WANT TO SEE. Favorites? Bitch of Living, Totally Fucked, Don't Do Sadness, And then there were none (a it too much dialogue, but still amazing), all that's known. (angsty. amazing. love.)
Ben Folds: I love him. Bastard is among my fav. songs
Franz Ferdinand: 'nough said
The Killers: def. check out the abby road version of Sam's Town. Then everything else. LOVE
MGMT: weird vid.s, great songs. Lots of drugs... within the band I mean...
Modest Mouse: Float On, Dashboard, more...
The Mountain goats: amazing
Mumford and Sons: fantastic
Neutral Milk Hotel: makes you rethink the way you listen to music
Regina Spektor: fantastic
Guster: demons, airport song, keep it together, amsterdam, more
American idiot versions of greenday songs (fantastic)
Spoon: check out japanese cigarette case
Third Eye Bling- non dairy creamer
Vampire Weekend: mhm
Weezer: buddy holly
Belle and Sebastian.

So, that's a start. Music I love by band. Lots of different stuff. If you want to check it out I recomend this website ( where you can search by song or band and listen freely in a legal way on your computer.

What I'm reading: irpiubnngrvu
What I'm watching: nothing

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