Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hey girls, it's thursday AND EMILY'S BLOGGING!

Hi, so yeah... do you ever forget what day it is? I do... and I did yesterday... which is particularly bad because wednesday is uniform day at my school, so that should be a reminder...

How are things with you? Things are cool here... busy... I'm working on editing one of my short stories to be submitted to the scholastic art and writing awards and I have play practice after school everyday and this weekend I was supposed to go to North Carolina for a debate tournament, but it didn't work out, so I'm judging at my school's speech meet intead and then next week I officially go varsity in debate... and then I have districts for debate and then there's stat and then I'm planning to go to Harvard for my first national debate tournament... feeling pretty psyched. I also have this author project for english. I chose David Foster Wallace as my author and I'm probably going to be reading thousands of pages... so that's going to kick my ass.

I also applied for an exchange program to Australia...

So yeah, a lot is going on and things are good, but stressful. Agreeing with Sarah:
-We need themes.
-We need to blog more.

We also need to comment more.
Also, I suggest giving the other girls something to react to in their blogs or commenting on what another girl says in her blog in you blog? We need more conversation. Okayz.

What I'm reading: Lots of David Foster Wallace.
What I'm watching: way too much buffy... not saying anything more in case of giving it away.
What I'm listening to: I've had Baba O'Reilly by the Who and Skip Divided by Thom Yorke stuck in my head for days... they're both fantastic songs, but...
Quote: "your oppression reeks of your greed and disgrace/ so one man has and another has not/ how can you love what it is you have got/ when you took it all from the week hands of the poor?" -Dustbowl Dance, Mumford and Sons


  1. Thanks to movies and TV series 'going to Harvard' sounds sooo awesome :D

    And Australia must be really great, I would love to go there one day! And New Zealand!

    And I agree - we need more conversation!

  2. Yes, I often forget what day it is. Take for example everytime I've forgotten to blog.

    Exchange program to Australia? That's awesome! I hope you get to go!