Wednesday, January 19, 2011

No More Bad Stuff. Ever.

Hey girls. it was wednesday here and now it's not and I'm sorry.

So, I had a really good few days and now a bad day, which sucks. Why:
a) got chem. quiz that I expected to be bad and, get this, was bad back
b) lots and lots of sick people
c) in class essay in english. SURPRISE!!!! ugh.
d) (which is the really bad thing) a bad thing happened to the mother of one of my teachers (and friends... same person) and now she's in the hospital

Good Things:
- Saturday I went to debate and I was in varsity for the 1st time and I got 3rd which I feel like was based on bad judging, but i'll take what I can get.
     -(bad things within that): I got sexually harassed (which has become a fun story to tell), Scotty did poorly
- Sunday I went to a friend's birthday party and we played a dance game and rock band 2 and that was fun. we also watched inception and blink and made cookies and other stuff happened and it was overall a very good thing. yes.
- Monday I had play practice all day which was actually kind of fun
- Tuesday ... I remember as good
- Today we had a two hour delay...

I'm in a psychology class now and it's both really cool and really easy.

What I expect from this year: niceness, stress, debate, stress, writing, stress, college research, stress, turning 17, stress, going into junior year, stress, doing a david foster wallace project, stress, independent project start, stress, other stuff, stress, nice stuff, stress, hugs.

I guess it would also be good if I got my drivers license this year... or at least my permit... I'll make that a goal

I'm really tired. So tired it's like "I know we're standing up, but you're giving me a hug and it's nice and warm and I might just fall asleep now" so I'm going to go...

What I'm watcing: buffy
What I'm reading: David Foster Wallace stuff... i'm tired...
What I'm listening to: Bitch of Living, Totally Fucked, Nirvana (I really want to see spring awakening)
What I'm looking at: Deviant Art- serach: ash and misty (it's adorable and i'm tiiiiiiiiiiiiired... [I hate it when people elongate their words in spelling... I think i fell asleep with my finger on the "iiiiiiiiiiii" key])
Quote: there's a moment you know you're fucked, not an inch more room to self destruct.


  1. Stress is good sometimes, at least you can appreciate the good times more then :)