Friday, January 14, 2011


Hey Girls. It's friday.

It seems we have all survived another school week. Next week is finals for me so I only have school tuesday thru thursday. Then on friday I might be going to Fort Wayne to see their winter play which Katie is in and Emily helped student direct or something along those lines. I can't wait to see them again. But on the the theme. I usually love Christmas but this year it was just slightly off. We had the grandparents from my mom's side at our house this year and there was a really big fight between my mom and my grandmother. It was kind of REALLY not good. The rest of vacation after that until I went to Fort Wayne was really awkward and just blah. But I still got some really cool presents.
- Dash and Lily's Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan
- Matched by ?(I'm not sure)
- Hand spun yarn to knit with
- a watch(it's purple)
- two turtlenecks, one purple and one black
- two sweaters
- lots of barns and noble gift cards
- lots of iTunes gift cards
- A necklace from greece with my name in greek on it
- an evil eye necklace/bracelet
- new make-up since I was running out
- and ear ring holder thing
- peppermint lotion, body gel, and lip gloss
- reusable hand warmers
- AWESOME snow boots

I wanted a stand mixer but unfortunately I didn't get one. :(

Finally before I go I wanted to give you guys the url to an event I'm doing called Relay for Life. It's really fun and we raise money for cancer research. I'm not asking you guys to donate I just want you to read about the event so that I don't have to try and explain it. Also I think it would be really cool if everyone who read this could leave a fundraising idea for me in the comments. I need ideas for me to do on my own as well as ideas for me to do with my team. Thanks.

Oh and NO ONE commented on my blog so shame.

Sarah I'll read you tomorrow!


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