Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I expect to eat more bread bowls

Hello, it's Tuesday... in case you didn't know. Today's been pretty uneventful aside from me eating a gigantic bread bowl full or soup for dinner. It was delicious, but also huge. But the delicious part must be outweighing the rest because I'll probably have another bread bowl soon, not like tomorrow, but in 2011. Hey, that was interesting and totally pre-planned way of moving into the theme. So, because I love lists as much as I do (a lot, in case you didn't know) I'm going to tell you what I expect from 2011 in a list.

Things I expect to happen in 2011: 
1. Write everyday and get a little better at it. The first part of this is my resolution which I've already told you about. The second part is basically me expectation for my resolution. I don't intend to become the best writer ever, or anything close, but I do expect to get a little better at it then I am now. Also, I expect to make writing a daily habit, mostly because I'd really love to be at that point.

2. Work a lot, or as much as humanly possible around my class schedule, and continue setting aside part of my paycheck everytime I get paid. There's no real reason for this, I'm just one of those people that feel better when I have money in my savings account and it's definitely a good thing so... why not?

3. Get a new car. The car I have now is a Pontiac Sunfire Convertible 1996 that I've had since I was sixteen (my first and only car). Its a good car, it runs and everything, but it's starting to have a considerable number of problems. I've already been told by my parents that they are willing to chip in to this "Tenley needs a car" fund. Which is nice, because that means I'll be able to get a decent car.

Things I'd like to happen in 2011: 
1. Ace all my classes this year. I generally do okay (A's and B's with an occasional C) but it would be really freaking awesome if I could ace all of my classes.

2. Attend a Nerdfighter/Youtube gathering. The big one's are Vidcon and Leakycon but due to money and the location of those gatherings neither is very likely. But, maybe a local gathering? Driftless Pony Club is going on Tour soon and Lauren Fairweather is pretty much touring full time. So, maybe?

3. Find some kind of volunteer program I like and become a part of it. I partly want this to happen because it will look good on applications to grad school when I get to that point and partly because I've always wanted to be seriously involved in some kind of volunteer/charity organization.

And... I think that's it. Well, at least, that's the bulk of what I expect/want to happen this year. 2011 has started off pretty well and hopefully it will just keep getting better.

Emily, I can't wait to hear the news that Katie says you have for us, tomorrow.

Currently reading: "Angus, thongs and full-frontal snogging" by Louise Rennison. I like it so far, not great in terms of plot, but its absolutely hysterical if you just want something funny to read.
Currently listening to: Um... the noise that Skype makes when people message you.

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  1. that's all cool. I really want to attend a gathering at some point as well