Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas in a List (actually three lists)

Hey girls, it's Tuesday. My room is really hot, hold on. *turns on fan* Ah, that's better. Anyways, I'm really glad were going to start posting regularly on here again, I've missed it. I'm also excited for the group chat we're planning on Facebook. I don't even know when its gonna happen and I'm excited.

So, how were the holidays you ask. Well, they were awesome! Okay, I actually didn't do a whole lot for the holidays but they were still fun.

As far as presents go, my family decided that this year no one could spend over twenty dollars a person (my Dad totally broke this rule by buying my Mom like seven different presents). Here's the list of presents I gave to my family:

To my Mom: A pair of slippers because she's always saying her feet are cold.
To my Dad: A Chess set because he absolutely loves chess and as always wanted a really nice wooden board.
To Daniel (brother): Two Doctor Who comic books and the first comic in the Justice League series. Also, a monopoly card game.
To Kristina (sister): A necklace and earrings (black).
To Rachel (other sister): A necklace and earrings (silver) (not the same one's I got for Kristina but admittedly they were on the same rack in the store).

I also bought Kristina and Rachel a painting set (one a picture of a horse and one a teddy bear), but I forgot to send it to them (their both in Michigan). So... yeah, maybe I'll get around to that at some point.

As far as my presents go, here's another list:

From Daniel: A picture (he's into photography) of a horse which he then turned into a unicorn using some digital magic. Also, he added in a rainbow... John Green would love it. As do I.
From Rachel: One of those bath set things. Which I love, although I'm always a little concerned when someone gets me a bath set, does that mean they want me to take more showers?
From Kristina: It hasn't come in the mail yet because she's broke and was waiting for the rates to go down and now its January and she hasn't sent it because she's either busy or forgot or has been lazy. Either way, I don't know what it is.
From my parents: A basketball thing that hooks on to a door. Which I love because it combines to of my favorite things, not leaving the house and balls (twss). Also, as a stocking stuffer they got me a yo-yo, a maze game thing, a kaleidescope, and a candy cane.

Aside from presents here's a list of things I love about the holidays:
1. I love that my parents still put things like "from Santa" or "From Comet" on our presents even though we all discovered the Santa lie a long time ago.
2. Pumpkin pie.
3. I like that even though I'm in Virginia and it usually doesn't snow like ever, it snowed just in time for Christmas.
4. I like that its perfectly acceptable to do nothing.
5. And on a cheesy note, I like that it brings the family together no matter what the circumstances surrounding Christmas are.

As far as New Years goes, let's just say I hate a lot of chips. Emily I'll read you tomorrow.

Currently reading: "Eat, Pray, Love" and "Nation". I couldn't decide which one to read first, so I'm reading them both until I get so into one of them that I can't put it down.
Currently listening to: "Crushed and Created" by Caitlyn Smith
Comment question for those of us who are terrible at coming up with things to comment on: What's your favorite kind of chips? Mine is definitely Cheddar and Sour Cream Ruffles. They have to be Ruffles though, any other kind are just not as good.


  1. It sounds like you had a fantastic Christmas. :)

    Favorite kind of chips? Kettle Original

    Also, I have just found out that you can buy groceries on Amazon? That's weird.

  2. You can buy groceries on Amazon? *goes to check* Whoa... mind = blown.