Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tenley listens to cheesy Korean pop music

Hello, it's Tuesday... in case you didn't know. Allow me to start off with an open letter to Blogger:

Why do you insist on offering surveys to me when all I want to do is write my blog? Furthermore, should you really call it an "offer" if you don't give an option to skip the survey. Seriously, wtf? I just spent ten minutes filling out the survey you said would take thirty seconds. Why did I do this? Because its the only way you would let me get to the blog.
Best Wishes,

Now that that's done, hey girls, how are you? Are you ready to here some awesome music? I hope you said yes.

1. Amanda Palmer. My favorite song by her (at the moment) is "Ampersand". However, if you ever find yourself in a bad mood you should listen to "Oasis" and try not to smile.

2. The Carpenters... are quite possibly my favorite band. I'm particularly fond of "Hurting Each Other" and on a more upbeat note, "Please Mr Postman". Also, I feel like this would be a good time to point out that sometimes I change the words to "Please Mr Postman" and turn it into "Please Mr Youtube".

3. Sara Bareilles. Right now my favorite song by her is "King of Anything" (as a bonus the music video is really awesome and extremely well done).

4. Mia Rose. My favorites right now are: "Let Go" and "What Would Christmas Be Like".

5. The last one is kind of weird since I the song is in Korean and I don't even know what the words are or for that matter the title. A few months ago I found a Korean soap opera on Hulu and because I was bored I started watching it (with subtitles) and it was very entertaining. But more entertaining than the show itself was the song which they played at all the major cheesy moments in the show and is really catchy. Its like a get up and dance around your room kind of song. Here's the link. Also, the show's theme song is really catchy as well. Oh and for the record, the show is called "Personal Taste".

Okay, I think that's it. Actually I was going to include Ben Folds as well but since Katie already mentioned him I figured I'd leave him out.
Emily I'll read you tomorrow.

Currently reading: "Boy meets Boy" by David Levithan.
Currently listening to: I've had the Personal Taste theme song on repeat since I wrote that part of the blog.   

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