Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sarah can blog from her iPod now

Hey girls, it's Saturday!

Finally I found some app for my iPod to use Blogger, I was searching for some good app for ages. I actually was really surprised Google doesn't even support a mobile version of Blogspot blogs, not to mention some app to blog. Anyway, it's called Blog Booster and even supports bold and underline and stuff. I'm amazed.

I'm watching alpine skiing right now, that means downhill, it's one of the biggest sport events in Austria and in general of the winter sports world. I know the US is in general not interested in winter sports, but here it's a big deal and I love it. Funny is that my favorite skier is American - Bode Miller. And my favorite female skier is also American - Lindsay Vonn. I'm not sure why I am so americatized on that and I just made up this word.

What do I expect from 2011? - A random list

1. I want to pass my next big exam in July without any problems; the last time I had an exam of this kind I failed three times and passed at the fourth and last try and lost a year, so I'm pretty nervous about it.

2. I hope to work in a hospital in the summer holidays and I want to do that outside Austria.

3. I still want to be with my boyfriend at the end of the year, but I'm pretty sure about that - if we already made it two and a half year we will also make it another year.

4. I want to take more pictures and start uploading them somewhere again, I used to be on DeviantArt and I have a Flickr account, but I should decide for something.

5. I would really like to film more and I will probably buy a camcorder if I have some spare money which brings me to

6. earn money.

7. Start looking for apartments and move out if I find something perfect.

8. Travel to some countries I haven't been to - maybe finally outside Europe.

9. Continue with my project to read all seven Harry Potter books. One down, six to go.

10. Spend more time with my boyfriend, because it's never enough.

11. Start to write again - either a story or blogs or something - doesn't matter as long as I write regularly.

12. Finally find something I want to collect from all the cities/countries I go to.

So today I blogged really early, but I don't think something else will happen today, I need to study histology which I hate and that's pretty much it.

Katie, I'll read you tomorrow. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

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  1. Yay for Harry Potter, boyfriend, and travel!
    I'm jealous of your traveling stuff, it's super cool. good luck with your exam!